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Receive Pending Message Notification in Specific Folder

When a user turns on the Pending Message Notification option in eW@LL™, the user will receive a notification from eW@LL™ when eW@LL™ has trapped an email from a new sender.

In order to organize the notifications effectively, it is recommended that users should set up a specific folder to receive notifications by their email applications. This tutorial will teach users how to create and store Pending Message Notifications to the specific folder by the popular email application programs.

Please be aware that receiving the Pending Message Notification in specific folder is only available by using third-party email application programs. For the users who are using webmail on Internet to check emails, they may or may not be able to receive the notification in specific folder depending on their service providers’ services and web functions.


Setup Guide for Microsoft Outlook 2002
Setup Guide for Microsoft Outlook Express 6


(The above Setup Guides are for the purpose of reference only. The users should study their own email application program manuals or contact the program manufactures for detail information. Gennux is not responsible for any loss, damage, cost, expense or liability arising from any claims due to users use, misuse or attempted use of the Setup Guides.)