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User satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the key to success in the Service Provider business. Most current anti-spam technologies focus on central deployment and management, yet they do not offer flexibility for end-users. eW@LL helps your subscription-based business to achieve optimal customer satisfaction by allowing subscribers to define for themselves what they desire to receive. Customers’ unique tastes and preferences, language and cultural differences will not be compromised by eW@LL.

Total Cost of Ownership

As with all businesses, telecom and ASPs are concerned with the total costs of ownership
(TCO) when acquiring new technologies. The TCO of Gennux’s eW@LL is negative.

Telecoms and ASPs will generate profits based on the product’s fair pricing models and increased customer satisfaction. Unnecessary costs are also reduced due to minimal or no administration and maintenance work required for eW@LL. Telecom providers and ASPs can quickly and easily provide this effective and flexible anti-spam solution as an add-on subscription service to its customers.

Up scaling

Designed with high scalability and availability, eW@LL supports clustering, load balancing and fail-over meet your service expansion demands.

Case Study

Organization: Digiware Internet Services
Sector: Internet Service Provider
Location: St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

Digiware Internet Services is an ISP whose customers were experiencing large amounts of SPAM e-mail resulting in increased costs for Digiware, and annoyed customers.

“Recently Gennux Systems installed eW@LL on our Linux based mail server which reduced our client’s Spam to zero. Depending on the how the client configured eW@LL for their account, clients receive only valid e-mail and notification of pending messages. Most clients configure their account to receive pending message notification until they are comfortable that eW@LL is eliminating only the spam. Implementing eW@LL has added great value to our services.”

-Terry Van Ness, President, Digiware Internet Services