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The Bottom Line

The ultimate concern for today's enterprises is maximizing profits and increasing efficiency. Our technological era forces efficient message management in order to properly compete in the world market. Numerous studies indicate massive losses in productivity and resources due to daily volumes of email spam and the resulting ineffective message management.

Trusted Senders

Enterprises also face threats of third party spoofing of sensitive information.

Anti-spam solutions must have the flexibility to:

1. adjust to spammers’ ever-changing tactics
2. conform to the unique needs of an enterprise and it's clients
3. evolve with changing management styles and IT practices

eW@LL’s unique user-defined technologies adjust to an enterprises’ changing needs and strategies. It allows top-level defined policies, while maintaining consistency throughout your organization without sacrificing flexibility.

Threats of losing important information due to “mistaken” filtering are controlled by eW@LL. eW@LL is the essential weapon to minimize lost productivity due to spam and utilizing communications to maximize earnings and efficiency.

Case Study

Organization: Parkland School Division
Sector: Education
Location: Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

"Gennux installed the eW@LL spam solution at Parkland School No. 70 in May 2004 as a trial solution to our increasing number of unsolicited email messages. Gennux used the default configuration to reduce the amount of unsolicited email, and our division chose to request user feedback to guide us in the implementation.”

“Gennux has developed custom features specific to education which have increased our users’ confidence that the eW@LL spam filter is protecting their email without intruding on their privacy, while at the same time is protecting our learning environment."

- John Gibbs, Director of Technology