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Anti-Spam Technology
Patent pending
Sender Confirmation Engine Technology
The Sender Confirmation Engine technology distinguishes spam senders from friendly senders, per message and per receipient
Proactive Protection
Traps and quarantines text, image and/or animated spam, without the need for spam signatures
User Access & Control
Guaranteed user privacy. No content/keyword scanning
User-friendly sender verification
Supports all email clients and messaging devices
Highly intuitive interface allows authorized user mobile access
eW@LL™ combats spam regardless of cultural settings or languages
MS Windows Friendly
Automatically synchronizes recipient’s friendly senders list with Outlook/Outlook Express contact database
Opt-in Message Receiving
Message recipients can choose to receive online-purchase receipts, newsletters, mailing-list subscriptions or any other opt-in email without the threat of abuse
Administrative Management
Event Logging
Maintains filter and delivery logs
Graphical statistics for message and spam traffic
Enterprise Policy
Administrators can define enterprise-wide spam senders and friendly senders
Administrative users can access settings online
End-user oriented troubleshooting
Administrator can login and substitute as any message recipient to provide administrative or help desk services
Powerful notification management
Administrators have the option to assign managers to receive spam notification notices sent by eW@LL™
Reduced TCO
Protection Immediately on Deployment
eW@LL™ initiates protection immediately upon deployment
No Filtering Rules
Administrators do not need to maintain or update filtering rules. Spam filtering logics are based on a per recipient basis and correspond only to one recipient or can be pre-empted at the Corporate layer if policies dictate this level of protection
Flexible Central Control
The eW@LL™ spam solution requires minimal administration eW@LL™’s on line tutorials educate each email recipient and empower them to be able to manage their own spam, eliminates the need for administrative intervention
Threat Reduction
eW@LL™ quarantines or traps non-requested attachments thus reducing the enterprises’ security threat of email-borne viruses-new and unknown, Trojans and worms