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Cost of Spam Calculator

Our Spam Calculator provides you an estimation of the cost of Spam in your environment
We at Gennux are pleased to provide you with this service.

The defaults for this calculator are based upon statistical information gathered from our repositories and from our Statistical Partners. These defaults will change from time to time as the culture of Spam changes

Basics (Total number of emplyees in your organization)
(Avg. loaded annual salary per employee)
(Avg. number of working days per person per year)


Productivity Costs (Avg. number of messages received per user per day)
(Avg. percentage of Spams received per user per day)
(Avg. time in seconds to handle a Spam Message)


Connectivity Costs (Cost of office Internet connectivity per month)
(Cost of remote connectivity per month)
(% Bandwidth used by electronic messaging)


Storage Costs (Avg. message size in KB)
(Storage cost per month per GB for messages)


Support Costs (Avg. cost of user support per user per year)
(% of support time for dealing with user Spam)


Projected Growth Rates %