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eW@LL - Now you have control.

Gennux eW@LL MAIL is a simple, effective and flexible spam trap for enterprises of all sizes. The eW@LL MAIL spam server traps and quarantines email traffic by creating an Email quarantine zone which protects each individual email user. Gennux patent pending Sender Confirmation Engine technology enables the eW@LL MAIL spam control solution to maintain an unmatched accuracy rating in distinguishing spam senders from friendly senders. Even in multi-language environments, with diverse user preferences and multiple messaging devices, eW@LL MAIL is proven to be a leading solution in the industry.

*(U.S. Patent Application File Number: US11/054, 129)
*(China Patent Application File Number: 200510135437.7)


The power to protect
• Blocks all unwanted emails in front of the mail server.
• Content independent. No content scanning. Users’ Privacy is protected.
• Supports all global languages. Traps spam regardless of cultural settings or languages.
• Sender Confirmation verifies real senders.
• “Delivery Path Verification” ensures that “spoofed” or stolen addresses are not permitted to flow into a user’s inbox.
• eSm@rt address technology protects users’ real email addresses.
• Pending Notification used to alert user of new senders.