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Gennux's Partners are our customers.

At Gennux, our focus is on providing the most advanced and all encompassing Unsolicited Commercial Email Solution commercially available. All Gennux Corporate and Gennux Regional Office resources are spent to support our partners, and ensure that we maintain the quality and effectiveness of our eW@LL Solution.

Our profitability is secondary to the success of our Partners and the satisfaction of the Customers of our Partners.

The Partnership Program is established to support Gennux Partners profitability as a representative of the eW@LL Solution and to ensure the Global Implementation in the shortest time possible. Our partners are equipped with a comprehensive range of resources designed to achieve success with their customers. The Partner Program guides partners through strategies to facilitate the presentation of the eW@LL Solution and the training and certification programs ensure that our Partners have access to the information and technical expertise needed to accurately represent the solution and complete successful implementations.

We maintain continuous communications with all of our Partners. Our Marketing department provides resources such as marketing materials, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and sale process guidelines. These tools and resources effectively reduce our partners' uncertainties and risks to ensure the sales and implementation cycles are minimized and managed effectively.

We rely on our Partners to represent the eW@LL Solution to the markets that they specialize in. Partners are selected based upon their track record for being competent in providing high quality Customer Service which is essential to maintaining the excellent reputation of the eW@LL Solution. Our Partner's expertise on local cultures and regional markets are recognized and valued at Gennux.

Gennux's leading edge eW@LL Solution and partnership approach, along with our Partners' insights, combine to generate excellent opportunities for all to achieve business success.

Please send inquiries to Gennux.Partners@gennux.com. or contact one of our Partnership Managers at (780)-437-3806.

We would be pleased to discuss eligibility and benefits with you.