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Media news reports of Gennux


Firm finds spam solution (METRO EDMONTON)
Interview article regarding the differences between eW@LL™ MAIL and other current solutions
600 KB (Thursday, Nov. 15, 2007)


Gennux eW@LL™ Mail Firewall Combats Spam (Processor Magazine)
"Patent-Pending Technology Blocks Unwanted Email"
An article on the Processor Magazine regarding the eW@LL™ MAIL
22 KB (Friday, Sept. 09, 2005)


eW@LL™ - Primary Method to Combat Spam ( IT Explorer Magazine)
IT Explorer chooses eW@LL™ as one of the most creative products in
"IBM Linux Expo 2004 " in Hong Kong.
1 MB (Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2004)
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Keynote Speaker of CIPS' ICE 2004 (National Post)
Gennux is invited to be the Keynote Speaker in CIPS Edmonton’s ICE 2004
132 KB (Monday, Sept. 6, 2004)


3 Minutes Video about eW@LL™ Solution
A short video of the interview with Gennux, the product and the customers
10MB (Tuesday, November 29, 2005)
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